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Story a la Cart

Literature-based Events and Services


Fireside and Bedside Readings

cozy armchair readings from antiquarian books

Necessary Essays

college admissions and SAT: personal experience and literary references in a mature, authentic, confident voice

First Person Superhero

voice, shape, editing, publishing and readings...for your personal creative writing projects

Book Tasting

a sampler of famous first chapters

The Secret Bookshelf

garden party readings

Our House

playreadings suited to your party people

Fairy Tale Theater

readings dramatized by children with puppets, costumery, music, and movement

Tailored Tutoring

caring attention, resources, and strategies designed for your temperament, learning style, and gifts

The English Governess

grammar, vocabulary-building, and rhetoric via literature

Old-Fashioned Bedtime Stories

relax or work at home while your children are read classic children's tales

Library Design

beautiful thematic bookshelves

Thematic Curriculum

primary source literature for home learning and enrichment in all disciplines

Sister Tongue

foreign language and ESL conversation and readings with a native speaker

Literature Circles

individual or group discussions of great books

Why a Literature-based Approach to Education?

First Person Superhero

Lesson in a box


Literature as art, history, drama and philosophy in addition to grammar, vocabulary, rhetoric, and writing

photo: Jordy reading in the garden

photo: bookshelf in garden, apple, quill, sunhat, autoharp, flute, classic books, reference books, globe

A moveable feast/shelf A traveling bookcase Book cart Theme in a box Lesson in a box Schoolhouse delivered Library Cozy, comfy cupboard The Book Nook Mobile schoolhouse xxx on wheels Literary timetraveller Literary tourist discovery The Secret Bookshelf setee Book Den book cupboad fable, mythical bookshelf sampler book muse


Entertaining Education at Home or School

Tailored Tutoring

Book Tastings --A Bookshelf Sampler of Famous First Chapters ("It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...") ("All happy families are alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way...")

Fairy Tale Theater

Bedtime stories

The Secret Bookshelf: Garden party readings

Bedside readings

Writers Salon

Thematic, Literature-based Curriculum Sets

Distance Learning

Literature (great books, drama, poetry) History (Lit, original source) Language (foreign, ESL) Culture (movements, criticism) Writing (creative, essay -- voice, shape, editing) Psychology Philosophy

-- Creative Writing Personal Essays Publishing Theater The Writing Life Temperament & Intelligence Grammar & Usage (vocab, editing)

Famous Characters

The Summer Collection: Outdoor Adventure: Huckleberry Finn, Gulliver's Travels, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

The Fall Collection: Change of Season (life changes & character change) Ordinary People, Personal Essays, Charlotte's Web, A Lesson Before Dying

The Winter Collection: Ghosts: A Christmas Carol, The Legend of Sleepyhollow, The Raven, Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights

New England: Our Town, The Scarlet Letter, Emily Dickinson

Monsters: The Metamorphosis, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Illustrated Man

Psychology/mental illness: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, The Bell Jar, the Tell-Tale Heart, Ordinary People

Philosophy: The Stranger, No Exit

War: Hiroshima, Hemingway

California: The Grapes of Wrath/Of Mice and Men, Farewell to Manzanar, Gary Snyder,

Sci-Fi: Bradbury, A Wrinkle in Time, Herland, Childhood's End, Lem, Philip K. Dick, Stranger in a Strange Land, Earth Abides

Heores & Heroines:

Diaries: Anne Frank, Anais Nin,

Travel: Travels with Charley, On the Road,

The Writing Life: A Moveable Feast,

Aladdin--Arabian Nights

Themes: Adventure Utopia/Dystopia Sci-Fi Autobiography (personal journey--growth & change) The American Dream Cultural Change

Archetype & Identity: Characters: Adventurers Monsters Star-crossed lovers (Romeo & Juliet) Idealisits (Don Quixote) Crusaders (Joan d'Arc) Loners Saints Survivors Tragic Figures

"Iagos" God/godesses Villains Newcomer The Strange/different Visionaries


CA Teaching Credential: English, ESL MA: Creative Writing BA: Psychology

Playwright: ThinkPrank, Inc. Performance Art Troupe

Writing, handwriting, playwriting

Book List:

Huck Finn Great Gatsby Jane Eyre Wuthering Heights Pride & Prejudice Great Expectations Of Mice and Men Grapes of Wrath Hemingway The Jungle Animal Farm 1984 Fahrenheit 451 Brave New World Madame Bovary War and Peace Anna Karenina Uncle Tom's Cabin To Kill a Mockingbird The Awakening (Kate Chopin) The Handmaid's Tale Beloved The Scarlet Letter Langston Hughes (autobiog.) Auto. of Anne Frank

drama: Shakespeare Oscar Wilde Arthur Miller

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