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Open Source Life

Open Source Reality


created by web performance artists Laramie Crocker & Wendi Olson

the only online collaborative creative commons comic/cartoon

For Sale: Pit Falls, Pennsylvania

ghost town downtown main st. river functional train tracks cute houses 12% occupancy rate

let's create:

downtown walking mall cooperative meals, education, entertainment libraries of goods (clothing, toys, books, tools) galleries/performance spaces

tired of:

cars/traffic? profiteers? yoga yuppies in line for lattes?

town highlights:

general store/cafe/performance space/wi fi balcony train warehouse/car share delivery co-op dinner cafe


keep from being slaves by not paying money for that which is free, such as water entertainment (stories, music, dance, theater) love food prep & eating education sports

non-hierarchal (no one has more rank or is paid more)

open source: every idea is available free of charge to anyone who can use it, as long as attribution is given names inventions events

what Ness does:

guerilla analyst (nvc-peer counseling) temperament tango (jungian, myers-briggs) first person superhero (writing, rescripting) healthy hedonism (pleasure over puritanism) playwright (dirty feet theater) performance artist (thinkprank, inc.) teacher, literary critic, librarian, reader dancer (yogale) film maker (gina h. price) spoken word artist activist

Caffine, Clorine, Placenta & Veranda

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