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Large pictures:

First Person Superhero Writing and Creative Life Salon

ThinkPrank, Inc. Performance Art Troupe

Hollow Theater Multi-dimensional Film Co.

The Name of our Chill Retreat pic of Brownsville

pics to use:

typewriter flying flute nuke love shadow dancing (photo & film clip) napkin of thinkprank, inc.

Smaller pics:

(sunflower, face paint, paulinka monologue)

Performances Writings Workshops/Coaching (classes, consults, retreats) Projects

(any given project can be brought to named prominence when ready)

performances: Sheboygan The Bowery Poetry Club RNC: Miss Homeland Security VFPeace -- NYC Make-Out Room, SF Marie Sluchak Community Stage, Tahoma (butterfly events) Impeach on Ocean Beach Breasts Not Bombs (Capital steps, Sacramento; Bechtel, SF; Downtown Oakland) Pranks: Sip! Jesus on 4th St. List Playreadings spoken word

performances links: Live and Unplugged Boy Over Girl

writings: plays poems little books captions shorts

workshops/coaching: (one-on-one, classes, consultations, retreats) Imaginary Best Friend Myers-Briggs for Mothers Lit & Archetypes & Identity

projects: Nature vs. Merger Girl's Room Girl's Guide to Goddesses Gina H. Price The Importance of Being Earnest Anarchia Git Local

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