Nature vs. Merger

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Fall down the wishing well and time travel between fairy tales

Contact Wendi to claim a role

See Cast for the Cast of Characters

Description of Characters
Dinosaur Audience Chorus Raucous soap-watchers and thing-movers
Left Behind Children's Chorus Chants, dance, jumping rope
Sal Public opinionist; kissed by muse, hit by conscience
Al Abstract and absorbed lay physicist/house husband
Zak Teen boy addicted to handheld
Hil Impish tot who wants a-hold of Handie
The Wired Piper Seductive media magician
PC Green Stylish vapid media personality
JR the Velociraptor Time-traveling young dino
Gretel Young free-spirited poet
Ms. Primer Retired schoolteacher and activist
Mr. Squishy Evil inventor of cellware
Mr. Zoney Evil game chairman
Version 1.0 Adventurous droid daughter of Mr. Squishy
Version 2.0 Frightened droid daughter of Mr. Squishy
Wax Surfer survivalists;
Wayne Runaways from the chip
Mr. Pockets Patriotic school principal
Gretel's Father Gullible Dad
Gretel's Stepmother Fairytale Witch
Chipper Logo in chipmunk suit


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