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Interesting question: how big is 24 acres? A quick calculation shows that if it were square, it would be 0.6 miles on a side. So, you can't walk for miles. But it is large enough that a loop of the whole property can take a half an hour or an hour to walk depending on route/terrain and pace. There are three separate walks that I usually do and they are good for a half an hour, with a bit of stopping and looking. Usually, though, if I'm not out for exercise, I take about two hours to do each loop. If I go down to the brook, it will be longer because I'll sit and stare for at least an hour, and in the Summer, we spend all day down there. One loop is down to the brook, one is up to the meadow, and one is out to the brook road by the back logging road. There are quite a few trails to choose from, some of them deer trails, some more well defined.

You cannot see neighbors in Summer or Spring. In Winter, you can see through the trees to distant neighbors, about a 5 minute walk away. The two-lane paved road is also about 5 minutes hike up the driveway. My dog found plenty of entertainment near the house that he never got up to the road unless I left him alone for an hour outside.

The house is in the center of the parcel, which is all of a piece, mostly square, but with one leg that reaches way out to the brook road, down a logging road. If you go to the brook road, you can walk on that with people and dogs for miles. It is a clay-top road that cars come along about every 5 or 10 minutes, and it is beautiful and tree-lined. People drive slowly on this road, and you'll see horses and carriages.

Hours and hours of hiking are available on Mt. Ascutney, which has a trailhead 1/8 mile from my driveway.

Route 44 leads to my driveway, and is the upper line of the property. Cars come along every minute or so during evening and morning hours, speed limit is 40 MPH. But you have no need to cross it, and there is a hill to climb to reach it from the house. The house is in a nice glen and you can't see or hear the road from the house.

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