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Published-Elsewhere Pieces

Published-Here Pieces


Character Names

  • Blithely Dire
  • Goodie Plenty (a puritan's wife)
  • Polyphony Bizzare (black queen singer)
  • Vinnie V. DiVici

Place Names

  • Thai Food Mary -- restaurant in Anarchia
  • Urban Decline -- store in Anarchia
  • Man's End -- bar
  • The Anarchia Ivy League:
    • Droller
    • Wryer
    • Whittier
  • Tofu Fondue

Coined or Collaborated Words,Phrases,Ideas

  • Hetero-erotic
  • deluscious
  • Shihad - worldwide struggle for recognition of women and women's rights, but with religious zeal, including statements that women are superior to men, political correctness, etc.
  • Shihadis - women engaged in Shihad
  • Gospel Roadhouse -- rock style
  • Redneck Borgeois - Hillbilly PsychedeliGospel

Use Your Words

  • Tourist detraction
  • Present Suppository Perfect
    • -- the needed tense in English: a statement is true in the present, but the action is completed in the past, and the truth of the supposition is assumed to carry forward to present and future until proven otherwise: e.g. "You can give birth." That sentence can also be interpreted in the Future Assurative.

The Narcissist and the Critic

 -Critic: "You are such a narcisist.
 -Narcisist: "Really?  TELL me about it!"

MB Types

  • Introverted Fixing
  • Extroverted Cleaning


  • "The Last of the Royals" I came up with this phrase, and Wendi thought of the concept for a story of the last royal family in Brittain, after being de-funded by the government.
  • Architecture:
    • It's a box, and it's organic
    • It's a box, and it's recyclable
  • Architectural Review:
    • It's a box, and it would look really grand with some large trees in front, especially in front of that ugly bit over there.
    • This one needs lots of climbing ivy

Story Concepts

Brady Bunch Alternate Universes

In an alternate universe, the actress who played Marcia does NOT get fat, but goes on to be a porn star, and EVERYONE loves Marcia. She becomes so popular, that eventually she runs for President. However, the campaign doesn't really kick into high gear until she re-unites the whole cast, and they do a reality TV show, Brady Bunch, Next Generation, or BB2. Of course, people still yearn for the good old days, so the Brady Bunch Next Gen family in the White House quickly pass a pro-stem-cell, pro-cloning initiative, and each of the actors clones a new version of themselves. Of course, Bobby and Cindy are the favorites, so there are lots of Cindys around. In a Machiavellian maneuver, the remaining cast from Leave it to Beaver are tried as terrorists and committed to Guantanamo, so they cannot form a rival party. Loyalists continue to attempt to infiltrate Guantanamo and bribe guards in order to get genetic material from Jerry Mathers. There are so many Bobbys running around the White House:
"Who's Bobby is this?"

"Who wants to know?"
"Well, this Bobby just pushed the red button on Marcia's desk. Russia will be blown up!!"
"Oh, that must be YOUR Bobby. My bobby is making cookies."
"I guess your Bobby must be GAY."


   -- the true story of my soul sister I never met.
    By Ida Pihl

The one thing Gloria knew when she lay on her deathbed, was that she had lived a blessed, complete life, loved by a handsome aristocrat, cherished by society, and acclaimed in the art world of New York City. Forgotten were the cows and barns, preachers and pews of her rural, Lutheran girlhood: bible readings at night, milking at dawn, knitting, crochet, embroidery, prayer, potfuls of potato-cabbage soup to be cooked, more prayer, oil lamps, cold Minnesota winters, and the everpresent watchful eye of God. Mother, Father, sister Myrna, sister Grita, sister Brita, and brother Yolek -- we all inhabited a different world than sister Gloria. Gloria ran away before I was born, and neither Mother, nor anyone else, save Brita, would speak of her. No photos or paintings or anything physical remained in the house to bear witness to her existence in our family. But I knew she was one of us, if only for a few short years. O the world must have been so bright and vast that day she stepped off the train in New York City, breathing free and clear of Middlestep, Minnesota.

Tales of the Family

Being a set of stories about my life, which I always thought to be just a bit more real that Tales of the City.

Dad was always Dad. Except the year that he wasn't. Mom always called him by his nickname: Dick. We called him "Dad." But in 1974, when I came back from Boy's Chorus Camp, there was a stranger in the house. His name was "Richard." He looked sort of like "Dad," only he had a mustache, and wore short, open-collared, hand-embroidered afghans. And his name was Richard. Mom called him Dick. Years later, I learned that he was Richard because this was his new name for his new life, and his new woman, a woman named Gloria, whom my mom persisted in called "his Mistress" long after Dad and Mom were divorced and Richard and Gloria were married. Mom stayed emotionally married to Dick, and wore his wedding ring until she died. Gloria, on the other hand, married Richard. Richard was more free-spirited, more happy, and more sexual than Dick. Well, Dick wasn't sexual at all, that I could notice. Mom and Dad slept in separate rooms, at opposite ends of a long, echoey, wooden hallway, each in separate king-sized beds. Dad's had a canopy and a fancy, frilly frame. Mom's bed rested on the floor, then Mom, and often, all three kids rested atop all that, while Mom read "Great Expectations," "Lord of the Flies," "The Hobbit," or "The Phantom Tollbooth" to us.

The Redactor!

A TV series about a guy who is a redactor for the NSA and the Whitehouse. He redacts the most sensitive cases -- he's very good. But the only way he keeps quiet about the things he sees, is that they recruited him because they had J.Edgar Hoover-style info on him.

My name is Arthur. I'm a redactor I redact for the Whitehouse. Used to work for NSA.

Fuck Style

FuckSTYLE magazine -- the magazine that shows the style of people's rooms after they have had sex. Includes complete mayhem, all the way to anal retentive couples whose rooms like unchanged before and after.


I don't know if this is the plot of "The Orphanage," but here's what I thought I saw, and which would be great if they didn't already do it:

 A woman sees her child's vision, and takes the child out of harm's way, only to have the child die.  Then, when she is watching videotape, or maybe a mysteriously found film reel, during a police inquiry, sees that she actually killed the child, but recollected it as trying to save the child.


Existentialism: Do you believe in it or not?

Jesuskinski of Slovenia

Jesuskinski of slovenia

a Russian Gospel in 29 books

We can only surmise the contents of the previous 28 tomes, but clearly they deliniate
Jesuskinki's lineage from his great great great grandmother katrina karposki Yablonovitch and Yoseph Aremethisky.

Jesuskinski (Suski for short) trudging through the frozen white North, looking for 

Devil as BigBear.

The Burning Icicle.

Jesuskinski born in a vodka brewery with hops and potatoes about.

Spoken Word Pieces


From the mind of the Paranoid: These are the files chosen to save from his previous job.


From the ingredients on a bottle of Herbal treatment

with a sell-by date that says this:

"Best if sold by 26 April, 2012". Yes, because we need to leave the planet when the Unarians arrive in 2012.

Contains Yerba Mansa root, Stoneroot, Chinese Licorice root, Jack-in-the-pulpit root, Osha root, Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Ginger root extracted with 70% grain alchohol.

These herbs are ground, cryogenically if dry, minutes-prior to cold process percolation/kinetic maseration to ensure potency.

Never fumigated or irradiated.

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