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Your identity (name and other identifying details) and the contents of our sessions will be kept confidential.

If we see each other in the hood, I will not initiate contact. But if you greet me, I will respond in kind. If you are comfortable greeting each other in public, we will agree on a term to use to describe our association, such as ?friend? or ?business associate.?


I am acting in the role of a "peer counselor" in a non-hierarchical relationship.

I will provide what a skilled friend would: active listening, empathy, and my emotional reactions.


I am not acting in the role of a treating clinician and will not offer any services requiring a license, such as diagnosis.

I will participate in decision-making discussions and offer you reactions and support. However, you will be responsible for making all of your own choices. I will not dispense advice and will not be held liable for any ?advice? you follow.

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