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Snowdrifts push upon the pane

we keep the flame contained

the bathroom is a cold-dip

our blanket a warming hut

What I'm left with now

is all the snow

it loses its magic

after you go

We nestled on the pillow

fat flakes floating down

in heavenly silence

Now it yellows


ices over

My dancing boots

stomp on the

crusty snow



away I


The Twelve Lessons of Christmas Eve


Worrying about the wood pile is infinitely worse than digging it out and stacking it.


You are warmer while working outside, drenched in slushy snowfall, than while inside without a fire.


There was no need to tuck in the logs like babies or stretch out the tarp for miles on end. Next time, think about four feet of icy snow on top of every inch of tarp. May the 15 by 10 foot crater serve as reminder.


An egg scramble with saut?ed onions, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, Vermont cheddar, and smoked chicken apple chardonnay sausage can make you feel a whole lot better.


So can a hot shower.


The mere knowledge that gratitude, not self-pity, is the correct state of mind, is not enough on your first holiday alone. ?Tis the weather to be nesting, not cleaning, packing, and hauling. However, setting the stage for enlightened moments may bring desired results. Holding a hot cup of English breakfast tea, watching the steam rise and curl, with snow falling out the window in the background, can bring about a truly transcendent William Carlos Williams moment.


You are not a broken family. You are in between tribes and traditions.


Procrastination is to obsessive as desperation is to compulsive. Or, do yo chores on a sunny day instead a? skiing recklessly and injuring yo foot and having to hobble around in a snowstorm doing yo chores.


The good thing about your phone line being down during the snowstorm on Xmas Eve is that you relinquish the hope and letdown that certain someones might call.


So can wine, brie, and a fire.


You are not being disloyal if you feel happy.


It?s easier to get things done if your body is in motion.

Won't Stop Snowing

It?s snowing, still snowing, won?t stop snowing

I wanna be in the city, somewhere punk & nasty, gritty

but here it?s pretty

Last night I was wearing velvet

wine & chocolate, decadent

but now I?m spent

I wanna holler ?n? shake my pants

and spill some beer

but I?m stuck here


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