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Contact Wendi for details and directions to the readings in Berkeley.


Cast of Characters


  • Anna  : Sylvia
  • Emma
  • Edna  : Lorrie


  • Isabel  : Laura Joakimson
  • Hester  : Caroline Morrell
  • Charlotte  : Darcy Crosman


  • Carl  : Forest Rouse
  • Cady  : Emily Steelhammer
  • Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell  : Laramie Crocker


  • Bertha
  • Lucy
  • Cathy
  • Alice


  • Jo March  : Karen Blanpied

Bonita Hollow Writers Salon

like the Bloomsbury Group, but more Berkeley

First Person Superhero Workshop

  • Bring, in mind or in writing, a past event that still inspires shame or horror
  • Prepare to try an exercise to reshape your reality
  • Check out
  • And, as usual, bring some original work, in any phase, and food or drink

Salon Season Archives

March 3, 2010

Fireside readings

February 17, 2010

A Reading of Mamet's The Cryptogram

February 3, 2010

Writers-in-Residence Reading

  • Clint Marsh, author of "The Mentalist's Handbook"
  • Laramie Crocker, songwriter, double-album "Crazy"
  • Wend Elsen, playwright, screenplay "Gina H. Price"

Upcoming Salons

  • April 21

Future Themes

  • Read Don Quijote?
  • Literary Game Night
  • Playreading with Ignacio Zulega
  • Moby-Dick discussion
  • Sister Tongue Spanish Salon

Nature vs. Merger

Last Summer

An outdoor fairy tale time-travel romp for all ages...a slapstick sci-fi of greed & gluttony in America

  • It's Double-0-2, and all's awry in Calicorpia. Where are the trees? The kids are obese. And now, an outbreak of Repetidigititus.
  • Silicon Sally the spinstress discovers a sinister plot by Mr. Squishy and Mr. Zoney to implant a chip in every thumb.
  • But they hadn't reckoned on a time-traveling dinosaur or a band of resisting free spriits...
  • Join the Wired Piper, Wax & Wayne, P.C. Green, J.R. the Velociraptor, and the fetching droids Version One and Version Two in a battle of virtual reality versus the natural environment.
  • An original play by Wend Elsen

Past Performances

Upcoming Performances at the Bonita Playhouse

See the Calendar

Contact Wendi if you are interested in reading or attending the readings in Berkeley.

Upcoming Hit Indie Film!

Hippie. Beat. Messiah?

  • An anti-war, be-here-now, foot-rubbin', free-lovin', poetry-slammin', pain-healin', walkin' tour of the Promised Land.
  • A first-time read-through to workshop a new screenplay. It will be filmed for a demo.
  • Characters include such Biblical figures as John the Pacifist, Judith Mariot, and Marty Mandolin.

Our Performance Style

We are amateur actors, but we read with passion! We create sets with sound and lighting that enable us to perform live and act with realism. BYO costumes and props!

We read the scripts, but forget we have 'em. A very small audience is welcome by invitation of the cast only. We expect you to read through the script and be familiar with your character and actions. Practice any unusual pronunciations, dramatic monologues, or foreign phrases. If you are new to us, an audition shall be arranged.


Click on the name of the play. It will take you to a page that has a listing of the Cast. You are responsible to purchase or download a copy of the play.

You can contact us at to sign up for parts.

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