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True Fairy Tales of a Baptist Girlhood

  • Lurch in the Sunday School classroom
  • Library flasher
  • Pack of wolves
  • Smoke in the Schoolyard
  • Sick elephants in the Bronx Zoo
  • Staten Island Ferry--deep, dark, very
  • Go Ask Alice under pillow
  • Nose doc.
  • Stalker
  • Hunk Ra--armpit impaling
  • Kenny's wiggle-wiggle (grampa, peanut)
  • Cover eyes for pic of boy
  • Jimmy Brown
  • Ernie Segundo
  • Streaking at pool party
  • Marisa Teshkoyan breakup
  • Holding baby Tammi on bed
  • "Runaway"
  • Pantiless in closet
  • Little nappy poop patty
  • Floating devil
  • Father in basement weeping with wet laundry
  • Hit on front stairs
  • Hit at door before work
  • Hit at Disneyland
  • Hit at kitchen table against fridge
  • Rage spanking--carving of d.r. table
  • Rage spanking--chased with yardstick, Mark sick
  • First tampon--can't find vagina (hard "g")

  • Themes to include: jump in the swimmingpool mood
  • Sections: traumas, crushes, hits
  • Names: Patty, Cathy, Jenny, Sandy, Betty?
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