A Bright Room Called Day

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A Playreading of "A Bright Room Called Day" by Tony Kushner

"The world is perched on the brink of a catastrophe!"


Agnes Eggling Hillary Lewis
Gregor Bazwald (BAZ) Susan Carlson
Paulinka Erdnuss Wendi Olson
Annabella Gotchling Darcy Crosman
Vealtninc Husz Laramie Crocker
Rosa Malek Jenny Wells
Emil Traum Forest Rouse
Die Alte Geeta Sharma
Gottfried Swetts Clint Marsh
Zillah Katz Lora Ostrow


Saturday, January 13 at the Bonita Playhouse in Berkeley.

Directed by Wendi Olson.

Lighting and Sound by Laramie Crocker.

Contact Wendi about future playreadings.

Visit the Playreadings page.

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